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BHS is now a NGPF Gold Standard School
Posted on 10/08/2021
Gold Standard School Badge

Bryan High School earns Gold Standard for Financial Literacy

SEP 27, 2021 / Next Gen Personal Finance (NGPF), a non-profit with a mission to ensure every HS student in America takes a personal finance course by the year 2030, has awarded Bryan High School its Gold Standard School award.

Montana State University researchers teamed up with NGPF to evaluate thousands of high school course catalogs and graduation requirements on the following scale:

>>Bronze Standard Schools offer some personal finance instruction in less than one continuous semester, often by embedding it into other courses (e.g. Economics).
>>Silver Standard Schools offer at least one semester of personal finance as a standalone elective OR offer a standalone personal finance course as one option among multiple that can fulfill a one semester graduation requirement.
>>Gold Standard Schools ensure all students take at least one standalone semester course in personal finance before graduation.

Outside the six states (AL, MO, UT, MS, TN and VA) that currently guarantee every high school student will take a personal finance course, researchers identified 1,591 Gold Standard Schools, Bryan High School among them.

“As a teacher, it makes me extremely proud that our district values financial literacy enough to mandate a stand alone course. We pride ourselves on offering courses that apply to student’s lives now and in the future along with offering opportunities for students to develop the skills they will need to be successful in the classroom and in life” said business teacher Nathan Keel.

K-12 financial education has recently found the spotlight with 26 state legislatures introducing bills to expand access to financial education in public schools in 2021.

NGPF co-Founder Tim Ranzetta said, “Gold Standard Schools show remarkable leadership, surging ahead of state progress on financial education instead of waiting for a mandate. The teachers, parents, students, administrators, and community leaders in these schools show what can happen when a coalition commits to build the financial capability of the next generation.”

Bryan City Schools Superintendent, Mark Rairigh added “Equipping our students with the necessary skills to be successful in the financial world is critical to their future success. We are very proud of our finance curriculum, the experiences it provides our students, and the preparation it provides them for their future.”